2018 Year End Update

Major Website Updates (up till 4/12/2018)

  • New & more recipes from Zenxin dietitians and celebrity chefs
  • Recipe PDF version is available for download (inside each recipe)
  • Delivery fee has been re-adjusted to be more reflective of actual delivery costs
    *lower for some, higher for others
  • Offering dry goods delivery to whole of Malaysia now
    *terms & details: Delivery & Payment
  • Website overall aesthetics

Upcoming Updates

  • Membership point collection system for rebates and vouchers
  • New product category: Gardening Tools (non-GMO seeds, tools, soil, organic fertilizers)
    *in corporation with Zenxin Organic Park
  • More accurate dry good stock updates
    *apologies on fresh produce stock update, we are working on it!

The Zenxin & Organic Express team wishes you all a great ending to this year, and an awesome year to come. Stay healthy and happy.

Best Regards,
Zenxin & Organic Express Team

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