Organic Coconut Nectar Sugar Turmeric Tea (50% More Turmeric) 200g Indonesia

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Country of Origin: Indonesia

Status: Organic

Certifications: NASAA, USDA

Ingredients: 100 % Sap Of Coconut Flower Buds, and Fresh Turmeric Juice

Highlight: Simply Natural Organic Coconut Sugar infused with Turmeric is made from 100% sap of organic coconut flower buds via evaporation. generally low in glycemic index and contains 12 types of amino acids. It acts as a wonderful substitute to normal refined sugars, without the rush of sugar levels in the blood. The infused turmeric lends a delicious musky flavour while providing a boost of this powerful antioxidant. Use it in baking and cooking recipes or mix 2 tablespoons with 300ml of water to create a revitalizing hot and cold drink.

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