Lettuce Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

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Cooking time:  20 minutes

Kids Friendly | Immune Boosting

What’s In Your Box:
An exclusive easy-to-follow recipe card of the meal.

Fresh goods:

  • Organic Lettuce – Mini Cos 250g/pkt
  • Organic Carrot (Thailand) 400g
  • Organic Pumpkin Australia 300g

What You Will Need (not included in your box):

Fresh Shiitake Mushroom, Salt, Sugar


Available Add-on:

Antibiotic-Free Kampung Chicken (Half chicken) 650g

Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 270ml Holland

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Organic Black Pepper 40g India (btl)

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Natural Brown Rice 1000g Cambodia

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Lettuce Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

From: RM 22.00