For PayPal:

  1. The payment amount is first authorized (for example you bought RM100 worth of goods, RM100 will be authorized for payment)
  2. Then, when we confirm the order, there are three cases:
    • Your authorized payment tally, RM100 is the correct amount, we capture RM100.
    • Your purchase is only RM80, we capture RM80, remaining RM20 is not transferred to us. 
      (Cases: product out of stock, vegetable is lighter)
    • Your purchase adds up to RM105, we will capture RM105. In cases where the purchase is more than 115% of original payment, we will re-invoice you through PayPal. 
      (Cases: add order during confirmation, vegetable is heavier)
  3. We will always communicate and confirm with you on the final payment amount.

For Direct Bank Transfer:

  1. After you placed order, we will reconfirm the order with you by email or phone
  2. The order value may change depending on stock availability and fresh produce weight
  3. You may then do a direct bank transfer online, or at physical bank
  4. Send us the bank transfer receipt by email or phone, and the order will be finalized
    More Info:
    For Penang customers, please contact: +60 (4) 8920798
    For Klang Valley customers, please contact: +60 (3) 9059 5299 / +60 (19) 224 5148
    For Johor & other area’s customers, please contact: +60 (7) 7728199 / +60 (7) 7736899
  5. Your order will arrive within 3-5 days depending on when the order is finalized