Delivery Fees

Do I still get free delivery if my order value drops below the minimum requirement because something is unavailable?

Yes you do! We prioritize your shopping experience. If the initial order states free delivery, you get free delivery!

Why are there varying delivery fees for different areas?

We use varying methods to deliver to you. Places with dedicated personnel has cheaper costs. In areas like Klang, we use trusted third party deliveries which is much pricier. Thus the varying delivering fees.

PayPal Payments

Is PayPal really secure?

Paypal’s websites are fully secure and encrypted, nor do us as merchants receive any sensitive financial information such as credit card or bank account number. So rest assured when you pay through PayPal that your banking information is safe and secure.

After payments, why do I receive two messages from my bank in varying times?

The first text message you receive from your bank is actually a pre-authorized amount, it is in your bank account and not in our receiving account yet. When we finalize the order with you, the correct amount will be received by us, and your bank will send a second text message.

Fresh Produce

Why is your fresh produce supply so unstable?

We do try to update fresh produce stock availability in our website, but you may be informed its out of stock because the area outlet may have sold out on that item in store. Another thing is the seasonality and weather conditions which largely affects our supply. We recommend ordering a few extra variety of vegetable just in case some of it ran out. We will also always inform you in such cases!

Why is your fresh produce yellow and wilting?

Whilst we try our best to give you the freshest from our stores, the vegetable may be exposed to Malaysia’s hot weather during delivery. If you are unsatisfied with the vegetable you received, do snap a photo and feedback to us. We would respond to it on case by case basis!