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◄ You can now do your weekly fresh produce shopping all in 1 page, using this ordering table. Simply enter needed quantity and add to cart directly. For any feedback, please email [email protected] directly.

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Handmade Vegetable Noodles Series

We only use the best ingredients:
Organic premium Australian unbleached plain flour, organic fresh vegetable puree, Atlantic sea salt and pure water

Check out the video to learn about its making process:

Dehydrated Nuts Series

Dehydrated at 60°C, these nut’s oily goodness and nutrients are preserved, so you get the best out of each mouthful of snacking!

We only use organic or natural nuts in our mix, and label it clearly.
Check out its video:

Latest Recipes

Surprise your kids and family with new dishes they never tried before!
Healthy & tasty recipes by our dietitians and guest chefs:

Organic Boxes


Freshest vegetables arriving on day of delivery

2 sizes for you to choose from

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Certified Organic  |  Farm-to-Table in 3 Days  |  30+ Vegetable Varieties!

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New Products!

Latest Recipes

Organic Boxes

Certified Organic
Farm-to-Table in 3 Days
30+ Vegetable Varieties!